City officials are wasting your money and their time in an unnecessary effort to take over Missoula’s water system. The mayor and city council can choose to stop this process at any time. It’s time that they focus on real community needs.

Your voice matters. Speak out to your friends, neighbors and government. If enough local citizens speak out about the city’s lack of a plan, its skyrocketing costs, its treatment of Mountain Water employees and its needless taking of a private company, then hopefully city officials will put an end to the condemnation effort.

Below are some ways to make your voice heard.

Share this site with your neighbors
Online, you can click here to share this site on Facebook, or click here to tweet the link. You can also download and print site resources:
Click here to download a printer-friendly, two-page summary of the issues involved in this condemnation effort.

Contact your city representatives
Below is contact information for the mayor and city council. If you’re not sure which ward you live in, visit the city’s ward map at this link (PDF).

Mayor John Engen
Click to email
Phone: 406.552.6001
Mailing Address: 435 Ryman, Missoula, MT 59802

City Council
Click to email the full council, or choose your alderperson below.

Ward 1:

Bryan von Lossberg click to email 406.285.1857
Heidi West click to email 405.747.9158

Ward 2:

Harlan Wells click to email 406.544.7240
Jordan Hess click to email 406.552.4050

Ward 3:

Emily Bentley click to email 406.546.6552
Gwen Jones click to email 406.549.3295

Ward 4:

John DiBari click to email 406.274.7337
Jon Wilkins click to email 406.543.7952

Ward 5:

Annelise Hedahl click to email 406.546.6979
Julie Armstrong click to email 406.426.1530

Ward 6:

Michelle Cares click to email 406.215.1905
Marilyn Marler click to email 406.544.7189

City Council Mailing Address:
435 Ryman, Missoula, MT 59802

Speak at a city council meeting
At the beginning of every meeting, city residents are allowed to speak for up to three minutes on any topic. Meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the first four Mondays of each month, except legal holidays. The council chambers are located at 140 West Pine Street.

Write a letter to the editor
The Missoulian publishes letters to the editor and guest editorials daily; you can submit a letter at this link.

The Missoula Independent also publishes letters to the editor and guest opinions; submit a letter at this link.

Ask us a question
If you have a question for Mountain Water, please email us at As we continue with updates to our blog and Frequently Asked Questions page, we’ll do our best to answer questions from the public regarding the condemnation, the purchase of Mountain Water and other issues.